Walo, The Underscore Makes His Debut with “Rechercher” EP.

Alexx the Curator
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On friday the 29th, April 2022, ‘Walo the underscore’ releases his debut project; “Rechercher (the EP)”.

The 6-song EP is a portfolio of sorts, introducing you to the versatility of the artist, Walo, the underscore, serving as his debut into the world of music.


Starting with the prelude; “Flavour” takes you back to the 80s while the rest of the EP throw you in for a roller coaster of feelings and this is only the beginning.

All songs were produced, written and performed by the versatile artist himself.

Listen to RECHERCHER here for an introspective experience and stay tuned for more. Walo has no intention of slowing down.

Alexx the Curator

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