Only1vibezz’ makes hearts go wild with “Magical”

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Produced by 02Beatz, Omogo Chukwuka Franklin (stage name: Only1vibezz) releases his sophomore single, ‘Magical’. Perhaps the fact that it’s the beginning of the second half of the year is significant to his ‘magical’ number, who knows?

Following his debut single —’ Just Vibez’, ‘Magical’ has no specific concept to it. It’s obvious that he made it for his audience’s enjoyment. The intro is oddly reminiscent of a reggae song with a fresh spin. He sings with a different pitch in the verses and hook, a credit to the versatility of his sound.

‘Magical’ is only a glimpse at what Only1vibezz has for us, and we surely look forward to hearing what else he has in store.

Listen to Magical here

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