Oma Emina Releases Debut Single, “Pieces”

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Oma Emina’s “Pieces” is intricately laced with an unapologetic awareness of self and the damages of love. “Pieces” is a pop song with EDM influences. The single is produced by RDY Beats & Keziri.

In his own words, the young & independent Nigerian pop singer/songwriter intends to redefine what it means to be a pop artiste in Nigeria. While he is adept in several other genres of music, he is true to pop— his first call.

Oma Emina has written & laced hooks on several songs for other artistes over the years. However, he has set sail with his own stories, “Pieces” is the first of many.

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Baba Yinks
Baba Yinks
2 years ago

Oma is so talented. I know he will soon be a house holder name

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