10 Industry Trends from 2020 That We Should Discontinue in 2021

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2020 industry trends

10 Industry Trends from 2020.

Every year has its own peculiarities – in 2010 music videos were incomplete without Blackberrys and SnapBacks. The year 2020 was no different and no less dramatic. Although some of these 2020 industry trends were appreciated and loved, many of them have served their purpose and should really be given a break in 2021.

This list doubles as quality control so that these 10 industry trends from 2020 don’t catch on in 2021.

1. Demonising the use of Songwriters

It just makes no sense. All your international favorites from Rihanna and Beyoncé to Kanye West and Drake have songwriters helping them craft their songs (check the credits of your favorite songs). Let’s allow creatives come together and construct the best product possible for our ears.

We must realise that songwriting is a separate industry and the unnecessary witch-hunting of artistes who use songwriters takes bread away from the mouths of career songwriters.

2. Forcing an Amapiano type song on every project

We all love the vibe but let’s calm down. Not every project needs an Amapiano beat.

3. 8 song “EPs”

Just call it an album; we know you want to. Albums don’t have to be ridiculously long to make sense. At the end of the day, a good project is a good project.

4. Fillers for a longer tracklist to boost streams.

If Omah Lay has proven anything (twice over too), it’s that quality will always trump quantity. Drop and promote the 5 great tracks you have efficiently and watch it do insane numbers.

5. Clout cocaine

From YouTube to web articles and reviews that take criticism a little too far. In 2021 we must take a chill pill with the “creatives this, creatives that” narrative, especially when it hops into the personal life and choices of creatives. If your criticism isn’t constructive, rest. The views and likes will never be worth the damage you are doing to the culture.

6. Celebrities making fans do the most for money on IG Live

“Do you have a hoil?”.

10 Industry Trends from 2020

2020 was dark. We saw evil things. As far as the 10 industry trends from 2020 go, the rise of Instagram Live celeb-fan interactions last year led to a lot of weird and awkward situations that shouldn’t be allowed to come into 2021. It’s just January and we have 11 months to go, if you want to give out money— give. After all, it’s your money. But, please don’t put your fans in awkward positions.

7. Toxic stan culture

Not even sure if we can count this as strictly part of 2020 industry trends, since it has existed at varying levels over the past decade, but it still needs mentioning. Believe me when I tell you that if you listen to Burna, Wiz & David, you won’t die. You can have your fave but this isn’t game of thrones, it’s not that deep.

8. Replacing actual actors with Instagram influencers

IG influencers aren’t actors. The fact that someone does well in a 60 second skit posted on IG does not mean they should get a role in your movie. In case you don’t realise it yet, the quality of your production is affected when your actors can’t act. Do an actual casting call or something, and if they perform well enough, then you can cast them.

9. No more forced comedy

We get it. Comedy sells in Nigeria, but can you at least put more effort into the dialogues and funny scenes in your movies? While you’re at it, maybe hire great consultants and screenwriters.

10. “…feat. Sauti Sol” on EVERY album

We love this group and we understand that artistes love them too. However, there are still loads of amazing & talented acts outside Nigeria that would give projects the spice. If you really want the African flavour, this group is definitely not the only place you can find it.


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If this isn’t the truth. 😂😂

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