Chimzy Presents His AfroPop “Formula”

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Chimzy is an AfroPop artist who grew up in Abuja, Nigeria but currently lives in the USA. Through his broad range of experiences and influences from both an African lifestyle and the Western way of life, Chimzy has been able to fuse a style of music that caters to all audiences.

Formula is the perfect song to catch a vibe to. He explains his interactions with a babe as trade by barter. He carefully serenades her, lavishing her with praises. Her features make up the formula that he’s enthralled by. 

Formula is an Afropop single with a summer vibe – a soft bop and very easy on the ears. 


With the release of his second EP titled Chimzy Vol. 1, including lead single “No Change” and “Ijoya” featuring PsychoYP – which was a nostalgic remake of Weird MC’s classic, “Ijoya” – Chimzy has been able to kickstart his career and Formula is an indication that there’s much more to come.

Listen to Formula here.

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