Mikel Releases Hot Debut EP; “Toxic”

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Mikel has released his debut Ep; “Toxic” and he is taking his rightful place in the music industry. Born Michael Eguahon, Mikel has been refining his songwriting skills right since 2010, being credited by major artists and producers such as Spellz, Ceeza Milli, and Starboy over time.

Since the release of his single ‘Peku’ in 2019 funded by Mr. Eazi’s music initiative ‘Empawa100’, Mikel has acquired a taste for the freedom that comes with breaking out into recognition. True to his words, he went on to amass over 300k streams across all platforms shortly after.

The EP is an attempt to draw himself up by his bootstraps, exploring affection, lust, and all such games between lovers while giving room for vulnerability to come up to the surface. The first track “Heart On My Sleeve” is a raw confession of where his head is at, while the second track “LaLa” explores various styles such as reggae, Afro-pop, and jazz.

With his Debut EP, Mikel is set to cleanse the palates of his listeners ushering all into the story he plans to tell this year. Listen to Toxic Here


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