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As an artist, Musmah’s evident fascination with hotels and their conceptual capacity is interesting to observe. Hotel: Lafayette comes 4 years after his first project in his “Hotel” series, Hotel: Hamdala.

Hotel: Hamdala

Hotel: Lafeyette is essentially an R&B/Hip-hop record. Musmah croons and raps in equal measure on groovy R&B beats ruminating on subject matters that are fitting as they are safe.

“Spicy”, “YKTV” and “Decisions” are sensual tunes that tell of steamy encounters in foreign locations. “Berry White” is almost a literal toast to the good life and “Friday” being the last track, seems like a mesh of all the subject matters explored.

In terms of sonic and conceptual quality, Musmah succeeds. The delivery and production on this EP are clean and precise. It sets the right tone.

Musmah’s themes also fit into the context of a hotel rendezvous —partying, sex and a little more sex.

Ozone and SGaWD bring extra excitement to Musmah’s lit party, they read the room.

Musmah’s smooth delivery over contemporary beats with a signature chord progression in addition to the live scene simulations on each track create vivid outdoor imagery in the mind of listeners.

In all, Hotel: Lafayette comes off as a perfect prelude to summer 2021, he strikes a perfect balance between “vibes” and lyricism. It’s great, but there’s a lot more to expect from Musmah.

Hotel: Lafayette

Adanna O

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