Ebisan Strums Heartstrings With “For Love, For Freedom” EP

Alexx the Curator
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Singer, songwriter and composer, Ebisan renders beautiful, and soulful music on her 6 track EP, ‘For Love, For Freedom’.

The project is borne from Ebisan’s personal experiences and addresses a host of scenarios that most people who have loved, lost, and gained can resonate with.

Although Ebisan just returned from a hiatus, the chaos and laughter within that period has refined her, brought her to another level of artistic awakening that she’s concisely channelled into a smooth 6 track EP.

Ebisan’s music has enjoyed airplay from radio and TV stations in & out of Africa. She’s a new flame worthy of the attention, even in the short time since her debut she’s bagged a video award. Ebisan’s blend of soul & pop brings to mind various references across musical eras and that may be what pulls listeners to her.

Enjoy a listen here.

Alexx the Curator

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