Ladipoe’s Best Collaborations (Top 7)

Adanna O
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Counting down the collaborations that birthed arguably the most successful rapper of his era. This is Ladipoe’s Top 7.

In honor of his new EP, Providence, TXT ranks some of the best Ladipoe collaborations of recent memory.

Note: This list includes only songs where Ladipoe is credited as “Ladipoe” and not his former stage name, “Poe”. Let’s get down to it!

7. “Yoruba Samurai” ft Joeboy.

Released after a game-changing single, “Know You”, Ladipoe and Joeboy’s “Yoruba Samurai” felt… Tepid. It’s not a bad song. It’s pretty good actually. Joeboy is reliably good and Ladipoe is also in good form, but it comes nowhere near the heights ascended to on this list. Still… We love it.

Here’s to all the Yoruba Samurais.

6. Lemme Know (Remix) ft. Teni.

Lemme know (the solo version) was a bop that always felt incomplete. Featuring one of Ladipoe’s best opening lines, “Your sugar mummy on my case like Teni”, the song was begging for a Teni feature. When the remix came, there were no crumbs left. Teni gave a sharp effortless verse on a song that was arguably made for her.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and non-binaries of the interweb, this was a winning!

5. Ride or Die.

Technically, Ladipoe and Waje are the featured artistes on this song, but who cares? ‘Poe and Waje performed! Released as the fourth single from Basketmouth’s critically acclaimed album, “Yabasi”, the song is one of the less cultural records on the album.

Famed as perhaps the best voice of her generation, Waje showcases admirable restraint and has a lot more vocal time on the track. However, Ladipoe makes the absolute best of his work on the track. His verse is crisp, charming and relaxed, and his hook is the glue that holds the song together.

A thoroughly effective collaboration.

4. Jaiye.

This is the only uncredited collaboration on this list, but the stamp and sound of Johnny Drille is all over this.

On “Talk About Poe”, Ladipoe was one of the best rappers around, but it was “Jaiye” that welcomed him to the mainstream and started his journey as one of the most commercially successful African rappers of all time.

We love a pop-rap king. 

And yes, Poe — We knew it was Johnny.

3. Running ft Fireboy DML.

By now, it is apparent— Ladipoe has found a formula that works, and he is not letting it go. “Running” is, in fact, a combination of two formulae:

1. A great pop act to deliver a stellar hook and bridge.

2. The same banging beat structure of his hit single “Feeling”, another song on this list.

“Running” is probably the most formulaic song released this year(it’s jostling with another Fireboy DML collaboration “History”), but ‘Poe and ‘Fire makes it so much more — They talk about legacy.

Ladipoe delivers some of the best and most insightful lines of his career and Fireboy creates one of the best bridges in mainstream music this year. Given time, and a bit of more success, this song would probably rank higher.

2. Know You ft Simi.

“Jaiye” may have set Ladipoe on the path to pop stardom, but it was “Know You” that made him arrive. A sleeper hit featuring 2020 Kingmaker, Simi, “Know You” is a beautiful pop-R&B song that sneaks up on you with its quiet beauty.

Before “Know You”, there was “One Naira”, and after, there’s been “Early Momo”, with all three collaborations seeing resounding success. Released during the pandemic, it was perfect for a time with no clubs or parties, filled with people who just wanted someone to love, and someone to hold on to.

1. Feeling ft Buju.

Years from now, when Poe is an OG, and in his “retirement days”, “Feeling” will be the song he is paid millions to perform. A cold banger, it reminds you of Major Lazer collaborations like “Particula” and “Run Up” — Everybody came correct. Everybody ate!

A career-defining song, “Feeling” served as a “comeback” for Buju after a quiet 2020, and inserted producer, Andre Vibes into mainstream conversations. As for ‘Poe, well… He’ll definitely be making ” couple hundred G’s on many, many good nights”

Adanna O

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I will stan Waje, Omawunmi and Tiwa till my legs can’t take it anymore.

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