Lago: “I’m taking my sound to the world. Just watch this space.”

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From releasing smashing visuals to his latest single, “Vibes”, and maintaining quiet consistency since the release of his debut, “Malaria” – Lago is coming for everything. Today, we catch up with Lago and discuss life, growing up, Dior Jordan collabs, taking risks and working with Wicked on his latest single “Vibes”. Enjoy.

What’s your earliest music memory?

Growing up my Dad really had the house saturated with good music. He’s the kind of person that obsesses over a sound he likes. So he was always playing Bob Marley and Josh Peters. I hardly watched cartoons as a kid. It was always music.

Did you get into a lot of trouble growing up?

Yes, I did. I have always been a very curious guy, and that has landed me in more trouble with my dad than I can even count. He was a disciplinarian (he’s late now. God bless his soul). I had a routine childhood, it was a triangle. My house. My School. Church. I was always indoors. Our neighbourhood was quite rough so they didn’t want us to be influenced. 

I loved playing football a lot, so sometimes I’d sneak out to go play with some kids on the next block  and come back home to see my dad waiting for me, you know what comes next haha.

The day I can never forget was when I took my mum’s bike without her permission. I was about 12-13 years then. I got arrested by road safety that day for driving without a license and being underaged of course. They wrote me a ticket and asked me to bail the bike with 4500 Naira. 4500 was a lot then so I had to go back home without the bike and… I don’t even want to talk about the beating I got that day.

Was there a moment you realized you wanted a full-fledged music career? What inspired you? Or who did? 

I would say it was after I made my first single “Ife” in 2015. 

I played it for all my friends in school then (Delta State University). They really liked it and encouraged me to share it with the DJs in my school. Then I took it a step further and started performing it in school shows and more people started liking the song and getting to know me and that was how it started. The fact that people liked it made me happy and that motivated me to record my second song. 

How would you describe your sound?

My sound has its roots in Afrobeats with a fusion of different sounds from different genres. I don’t really like to classify my sound because I feel it limits my creativity. I just make amazing melodies and good music. 

Would you rather rock exclusive unreleased Yeezys or exclusive unreleased Dior x Air Jordan

Dior x Air Jordan any day, any time!

Your debut song “Malaria”, is a beautiful offering. What inspired the song? How was the reception for “Malaria”, especially the title lol?

The reception was awesome! The love was crazy. Literally, everybody had the song in school. I would perform in school shows and people will sing along.

One of my friends, Alvin, actually picked the name for the song. I didn’t know what to name the song after I recorded it. We were in the studio one evening when I jokingly asked him to pick any title for the song and he listened to it again and just said “Malaria”! It sounded somehow to me because the malaria we all know is a sickness but he was like “leave it, bro”! And that was how I named it “Malaria”. Now I really think It’s catchy.

Tell us about Vibes? What message were you sending with the song?

“Vibes” is a feel-good love song. I wasn’t trying to send any message in particular with the song, it was just inspired by my energy with the producer at the time we made the song. 

What was creating Vibes like? Who were you working with?

It was produced by Wicked. It’s the first song we ever made. We were together throughout the whole process. Each sound was inspiring the next lyric. When Wicked sent me the completed version he already named it “Vibes” so I just went with that.

What are your plans for the final quarter of this year? What’s next for Lago?

More music. A jaw-dropping body of work.

I’m taking my sound to the world. Just watch this space.

Pick one— infinite studio time with any producer of your choice or the opportunity to perform at the Maddison Square Garden with any artiste of your choice.

I want to perform at Maddison Square with Kanye West or Travis Scott. Just that one performance would change everything. I also like to experiment with producers, I believe each one of them is unique so picking just one is too restrictive for me.

Understandably, music is probably your first love. What’s that one thing you really love outside music?

Travelling and exploring. I’m very adventurous and I’ve found that a new environment tricks your brain into more productivity.

What would you be doing, if it wasn’t for your music career?

If I didn’t do music I would be doing medicine. I studied physiology in University but Music is my joy so I chose happiness.

What’s you favourite song not created by you?

“Grown and Sexy” by Damian Marley. The melody is something else.

I know music can be really challenging. What’s your biggest challenge so far in the industry?

Getting my music out there. Funding marketing and promotion especially. That has been my biggest challenge but God is coming through for me.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

The biggest risk is “not taking any risks”.

If you could call something your biggest flex, what would it be?

My tenacity is my biggest flex. I don’t give up. I have gotten and achieved everything I have set my mind to and it’s what has shaped me into the person that I am today.

You can connect with Lago on socials @utsilago. Stream his latest release “Vibes” by clicking here.


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