Top Ten Simi Songs

Adanna O
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Simi is undoubtedly one of the most talented artists Nigeria has ever produced, and she has hit songs and chart-topping music to show for it. Simi consistently delivers, whether it’s through her supple voice or exceptional songwriting skills (or both).

Here’s a ranking of our best Simi songs.


Every female artiste needs a feminist anthem, and for Simi, this is IT. Woman is Big, Bold and pays homage to a musical icon.

It’s the very definition of a statement. The marketing campaign was pretty great too.


This syrupy 2-minute number is one of the most commercial songs in Simi’s discography.

A tight collaboration with Ms Banks, it’s complete with an electro-pop beat, a rock-solid hook, and a crisp verse from the British Rapper.

Simply put, what’s not to love?

8. O WA N’BE

Now, this song sounds like a literal wedding reception. 

On this groovy tune, Simi makes references to everything from King Sunny Ade’s expensive billing, to the horrible parking at receptions.

If you’re looking for a delightful yet detailed account of a Lagos Party, O Wa N’BE is just perfect for you.


This deep-cut turned single from her sophomore album, is perhaps her best work lyrically.

Simi weaves an intricate web of elements to highlight her lover’s importance. 

By the time she’s done comparing his absence to the ” sun without the light “, and a “heart without a beat “, we’re certain she can’t do without him, and that we can’t do without this song.


You have to understand, Reggae is hard to pull off. So hard, you can count the number of prominent Nigerian reggae Artistes on one hard.

On ” Jericho” however, Simi is a natural, and with help from dancehall king, Patoranking, they concoct one of the most breezy earworms on this list.

It’s no wonder its video has over 25 million views on Youtube. A winning for Simi.


Sure, America’s got issues, but Nigeria’s got deep divisions across class, religion and tribe.

On “Love Don’t Care”, Simi tackles them all with a skill and empathy lost on most Artistes.

Her ability to turn such a socially conscious song into such a monumental hit guarantees its place on our list.


The title must seem like she’s trying to cheer up her lover, but make no mistake — Simi is absolutely selfish for this love.

In an era where love songs are full of platitudes about what Artistes will give and do for their lovers, Simi wastes no time in demanding what must be done for her.

Whether it’s asking that he die for her, or that he take risks on her account, by the time the song is over, we all believe we should aspire to her standard.


Artistes with long successful careers, typically have their most successful song a little further down the line. Still… There is absolutely NOTHING, like the breakout single.

The song that shot her from relative obscurity to bubbling superstar, “Tiff” is an intriguing tale about a dubious man trying to steal her heart away.

Complete with a heist video, and stunning lyrics, we knew this was a great song, but when this R&B ballad evolved into a full fuji breakdown at the bridge, we knew a star had been born.


“Tiff” might have made people take an interest, but it was “Jamb Question” that made her a star!

“Jamb Question” is the rare song that’s both commercial and artistic. Using Simi’s trademark storytelling and humor, she paints the most vivid picture of a man desperate to win her affections (however trite his methods are).

The music video (and her fabulous eye makeup) and the re-popularity of “Jamb Question” in the Nigerian lexicon,  also help this song rank so highly on her list.


Personally acknowledged by Simi, as the biggest song of her career. “Duduke” stopped the world in 2020.

Released in the thick of the pandemic, Duduke was the quintessential lockdown song — Slow and groovy enough to be played at home, but catchy enough to lighten up the pandemic gloom.

It also marked a defining period, in Nigerian music history, as it was arguably the first time, a mainstream female act had used her music to announce a pregnancy.

It’s no wonder the song sits at almost 50 Million Views on YouTube, and why two years later, our hearts still “sing like Duduke”

Adanna O

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I will stan Waje, Omawunmi and Tiwa till my legs can’t take it anymore.

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