Lisa Yaro Releases Debut EP ‘My Way’

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After quite a run in the music scene, Nigerian-American pop-star Lisa Yaro is ready to seal her place in the space with the release of ‘My Way’, her debut EP project.

Lisa Yaro easily wears the outlook of a black superstar. With eyes as captivating as her vocals, and a blend of both American and Nigerian cultures, Lisa is ready to own the global stage with her prowess and this is evident in ‘My Way’.

The EP has six tracks and is the resplendent product of a perfect upbeat blend of the African five-pattern beat rhythm and R&B.

Lisa Yaro – Domitilla, Feat. Mayorkun

It opens up with an afro-fusion track from which the name of the project is derived. It wears perfect A&R-ing as it perfectly builds up the energy that the next tract, ‘Savage’, carries. Savage is a lead single off the EP released earlier in May. In Savage, Lisa unmasked how much energy she could exude in a record, and it plays out as well in the performance of most songs on ‘My Way’.

The tempo slows down with tracks ‘Drive Me Crazy’ and ‘Overtaken’ on which we experience Lisa as a woman in love, beaten by infatuation and desire. They go on to show how versatile the artist could be at songwriting and delivering lucid vocals over a wide range of beats.

With ‘Guaranteed’, funk influences can be heard, although fused with “Afrobeats”. It is a mood-lifter and gives off good energy. Made for a typical chill hangout setting.

The curtains are drawn on My Way EP with ‘Far Away’ which almost takes the form of what a ballad would sound like when fused with the African five-pattern beat. It makes a perfect closing for the EP and again shows Lisa’s versatility.

Lisa’s music can only be described as uber-creative and appropriately melodic. Some singles that preceded this EP include ‘Yaro’ – which features Nigerian street pop artiste, Zlatan – and ‘Biko’ – a record that fits all seasons.

Lisa Yaro – YARO, Feat. Zlatan

Most media outlets including BET Jams, Revolt TV and BET show have described her music as “a unique reflection of her cultural heritage…” or something really close to that, courtesy of The Knockturnal music blog.

At the end of the day, above everything else, Lisa Yaro is definitely here to stay and ‘My Way’ is the stone that both kills the bird of showcasing how incredibly talented she is, and that of cementing her place in the music industry at a global level.

To stream My Way, click here.

Tap here for more on Lisa Yaro.


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