Abdulala Returns with New EP; ”Head Over Heels”

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budding Nigerian artiste, Abdulala has returned with an EP. Across the 5 tracks, Abdulala learns to loosen up and make known his vulnerability. Stand out and focus track ‘Do Better’, where he expresses his needs and wants in life as well as his relationship with his environment. It shows his ingenuity as a person and it endears you to him.

Songs like ‘Let me know’, ‘Features’, and ‘Normal’ featuring Kvngvidarr encompasses his tender-heartedness and willingness to transcend in the course of affirming his lady’s love. This undoubtedly puts him in the light of a lover-boy that’s willing to come out of his comfort zone, and just have fun and relax. All tracks produced by talented music producer Timmy and executive produced by Kalu Anya for Soniq Hill. Listen here


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