[Review] “Riddim 5” isn’t just another EP. It is Fave’s reach for longevity

Adanna O
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No one in recent history has weaponized the art of the “Bedroom Freestyle” like Fave has. Turning a couple random videos into a hit song and a career in less than 2 years, “Riddim 5” isn’t just another EP. It is her reach for longevity.

TXT therefore reviews the new tracks presented on her debut EP:

Starting with intriguing chants, “Obsessed” is a proper afrobeat opener. Here, Fave declares her infatuation with her romantic interest. With the song’s dark vibe, intriguing chants and a chorus you’re sure to be obsessed with, “Obsessed” possesses all the elements that help  the song  live up to it’s name.

On S.M.K, Fave comes as close as she can to a swelling pop chorus. It continues in the obsessive vein introduced in the first track as she sings, ” You see me now, I’m fighting sleep… Cause you’re not right here”

It’s pensive and layered pre-chorus, builds into a belted chorus that captures her desire as a desperate release.

“Kilotufe” is important to this EP for it’s thematic switch. Here, Fave seems to be over her Infatuation for this person. Now, she declares, ” You’re My Enemy” as though she is over her earlier feelings of desperation. It is melodically the weakest song on the EP but also the most unique, thematically.

The winding melodies and catchy hook of “Obsessed” might be brilliant, but “Mr Man” is the best song on this EP. Previewed earlier in 2020, the freestyle quickly racked up tens of thousands of views, possibly cementing it’s inclusion on the EP. After the defiant obstinacy of “Kilotufe”, “Mr Man” is the most vulnerable song on the record. It is the moment where infatuation becomes love.

It is also the record her true fans will remember. “Obsessed” might be the single, but “Mr Man” is simply the deep cut.

In all, “Riddim 5” is a decent encapsulation of Fave’s artistry. It is dark, raw and puts her most distinctive feature front and centre— her voice.

A worthy finish to the amazing run “Baby Riddim” began.

Adanna O

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