Fidelis Releases Debut Single “Want This”

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Fidelis’s voice sounds like melted butter.  Born in Nigeria and raised in London, his music is an intense reflection of his experiences and how they interplay with the dynamics of broader life. Fide intense ruminations on these elements is a key fixture of the sounds that flow out of him, melding precise, heart-felt lyricism with cloying sounds of hope, remembrance, and angst. 

His debut single, “Want This” is a declaration of intent, signaling his intention to keep striving despite obstacles to his mobility. Fidelis has been writing music and playing musical instruments for much of the last decade all in a quest to find the best of himself and “Want This” is both a message to motivate himself further and an avenue to encourage others not to give up. 

“Then I remember why I still want this…”

As the instrumentation on “Want This” ascends, Fidelis’s tone gets more urgent and the clarity of his message matches the urgency of the lyrics, hinting at his ability to switch up the tempo when it serves a purpose. 

His assured debut single closes as it impressively begins, with an impassioned defense of hope, and Fidelis is only getting started.


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