Jay10 ‘DM2’: EP Review

Adanna O
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DM2 is the third release from Nigerian born artiste, Jay10. The project is a career showcase for his range and goes deeper into exploring his emotions and dreams.

The first song, the titular “DM2”, explores the first theme of this project; vulnerability. Perfection is a myth and Jay10 makes sure to debunk it. By sharing personal struggles and instances where he’s been misunderstood, Jay10 challenges us to insert ourselves into his reality.


On “Mr Dreamer”, Jay10 highlights one of the most elusive things to possess these days: hope. He speaks about his hopes and aspirations and the lack of belief from even those closest to him. Unfortunately, hope and belief aren’t always enough, and Jay10 hints at the shame he might feel when confronted by detractors. It’s incredibly relatable and utterly striking in its vulnerability. It is this writer’s favourite track off his entire discography.

The Project ends with “Safari”, a perfectly serviceable song for trap lovers. It’s a feel-good song with a wavy flow. Zilla Oaks is functional on this record and helps this heavily introspective project land on light feet.

Finally, it is interesting that DM2 comes a few days prior to the death of legendary rapper, DMX. DM2 is an unintentional celebration of everything the rapper stood for; vulnerability, hope, and a zest for life.

Listen to the DM2 here.

Adanna O

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