Sustain Releases Afrosus EP

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With deep roots in Fuji, Juju and Sakara-traditional African genres, Olamilekan Abideen popularly known as Sustain has always had passion for the arts, debuting in the entertainment scene as an actor in his primary school days. Sustain’s official debut single Husband Material in 2017 saw him masterfully blend modern sounds, subtle synths and bass lines with the talking drum and sekere. Since then, whether he is laying his fuji ladden vocals in songs like Arowolo or invoking posterity using rich Yoruba lyrics in Ire, Sustain identifies himself as a true exponent of Afrobeats. 

Last week, the talented artiste released a 7 track E.P titled Afrosus. The project is a beautiful mix of proper Afro sounds, modern rhythms, electronic elements and most importantly good music. With just one feature with the equally impressive Yusufkanbai, the project is a combination of several Afrobeats flavours.

Sustain definitely outdid himself working with the best producers and mixing engineers out of Africa seeing producers like Phantom producing 3 tracks on the project and VTEK mixing the whole project except for two tracks. One thing you can be certain of when you listen to this project is the preservation of the Afrobeats originality. With a few electronic chops and dense vocal episodes, the EP definitely sets the right mood.


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