UAX Releases Highly Anticipated Follow-up Single, EVERGREEN

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UAX’s single “EVERGREEN” is an anthem of celebration. It evokes a sense of optimism and resilience, marking UAX’s journey of exploring his vulnerabilities and personal stories through music. In the opening of the song, UAX sings “I’m in the moment, taking all the flowers and the roses” which connotes the artist’s acceptance and celebration of his reality.
In the chorus, UAX sings “My energy, never for no hater or no enemy – lining up, they wanna see the end of me – but I’ve been in the gutter turning evergreen” which speaks to his resilience in spite of obstacles he may have encountered. He also mentions “I got brothers waiting on me I can’t let down, my mama calling on me, I gotta protect now” highlighting UAX’s openness and motivation.

UAX understands the power of story-telling and his lyrics do an excellent job at conveying these powerful messages with soulful emotion. The song is produced by Chillz.

Get to know more about uax’s journey by listening to Evergreen Here



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