Catch Up with Noon Dave [INTERVIEW]

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Signed under the prestigious Chocolate City Music label, Noon Dave has been making waves with his unique music. Inspired by the likes of J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Burna Boy, his music transcends boundaries and resonates with listeners worldwide. With his debut opus, “Brunch,” and popular singles like “Hillary,” Noon Dave is poised to take the music scene by storm. We spoke to Noon Dave about his career, personal life and more.

TXT: Tell us about your journey from aspiring engineer to music sensation. How did you discover your passion for music? 

ND: Well, it’s been quite a journey! Initially, I thought I wanted to be an engineer because of my mom’s influence. But as I explored my own interests, I stumbled upon music and realized it was my true calling.

 TXT: Where do you draw your inspiration from when creating your music? 

ND: My inspiration comes from my own life experiences. Whether it’s love, heartbreak, or the ups and downs of life, I try to capture those moments and translate them into melodies that resonate with listeners. 

TXT: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would be your dream collaboration? 

ND: I would love to collaborate with Drake. Collaborating with him would give me the opportunity to create music that reaches new heights and connects with a wider audience. 

TXT: One of your standout tracks, “Brunch,” has gained a lot of attention. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind that song and how it came to be? 

ND: The inspiration for “Brunch” actually came from a Saint JHN track featuring 6lack that caught my attention. I was intrigued by the instrumental and decided to channel my creativity into crafting a song of my own. I teamed up with producers majormynor and Ramoni, and together we brought “Brunch” to life. 

TXT: Tell us a bit about your creative process. How do you come up with those catchy melodies and lyrics that we all love? 

ND: My creative process is actually pretty spontaneous. When I’m in the studio with a producer, melodies just come to me in the moment. And when I’m alone, I like to play chords on my guitar and let the melodies flow. Sometimes I even find inspiration from beats I find on YouTube.

 TXT: how would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before? 

 ND: I’d say my music is relatable. I love writing songs that tell stories and capture real-life experiences. I want my listeners to connect with the emotions and messages in my music.  

TXT: What do you want to be remembered for as an artiste? 

ND: As an artiste, I want to be remembered for my pure, raw talent. I pour my heart and soul into my music, and I want that to shine through. I love writing music and telling stories, so I hope that becomes a defining aspect of my career. 

TXT: Aside from music, is there anything else you’re passionate about? 

ND: Music is my main passion, but I do have other interests too. I love spending time with my friends, playing my guitar, and just enjoying life. It’s important to find balance and embrace different aspects of life. 

TXT: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced since breaking into the industry? 

ND: Navigating the business side of the industry has been a major challenge. Many people assume it’s just about making music and putting it out there, but there’s so much more to it. It involves multiple meetings, different plans, and executing them effectively. It’s been a learning curve.

TXT: How do you unwind?

ND: By writing music, playing my guitar and hanging out with my guys.

TXT: Who is your favorite artiste of all time?

ND: I can’t say that I have one favorite artiste of all time. I love Adele, Frank Ocean, Drake, JCole, Kendrick Lamar, Burnaboy, and Daniel Ceasar amongst others.

TXT: Should we be expecting new music, Give us the inside scoop.

ND: Yeah, in the next year I’m looking at releasing a project and myself and the team are working on a special project for my fans, so there are things to look forward to.

TXT: If your music career hadn’t taken off, what would you be pursuing at this moment?

ND: I honestly can’t think of any other thing I’d b e doing other than making music.

TXT: What’s next for you?

ND: More music!


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