LSMK’s Made Waves on Debut Album “Babe”

Alexx the Curator
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Singer, songwriter, poducer and all round multidimensional artist LSMK, released his first album; ‘Babe’.

His first release “All the Women” showed his musical style lean towards Alternative Pop and Contemporary R&B. The artiste with his captivating style enamors listeners, it’s been the same story since his debut track. And now there’s more.

On this project, LSMK serenades listeners with tales of infatuation and the most scintillating metaphors fluttering on the back of sublime intentions. The pilot single “Airplane Mode” is a pulse driven, 808 heavy rap ballad about the extreme highs that can only come from matters of the heart.

Produced single-handedly the project spans a sonic plethora of samples, airy chords, overall it’s almost deliberately overwhelming as per the signature of the artist.

Stream LSMK’s “Babe” here or connect with his Twitter or Instagram.

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