#TXTConvo with Samzy

Alexx the Curator
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Welcome again to another session with a rising Afrobeats sensation. Our guest has a unique sound- a combination of trap and afrobeats. He has racked up over 1.7m streams across all DSPs. 

We’re happy to have Samzy with us today. This’ll be fun, stay with us. 

Hello Samzy. 

Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us today. How has your week been?

Samzy– It has been really chilled. Thanksgiving week soooo. Been indoors.

Seems like fun 🚀 

Samzy- Yea I was busy serving L’s to my homies in FIFA 21. 

Could you give us some insight into your journey so far as an artiste? 

Samzy- It’s been a mixture of everything. Love, passion, hard work , pain and the feel that comes with doing what you have so much love for you know?

We totally understand this. The result of your hard work shows in the quality of your sound 🚀 

Samzy– I’m glad to receive this kind of co-sign on my music from you guys. That means a lot to me. I try to take my time to put in something magical for people to listen and relate to. Especially the youths.

In your opinion, what’s the hardest thing about being a Nigerian creative based abroad?

Samzy- I speak for myself, it’s usually being able to connect to the music audience back home! Usually we get treated like if you are not making traditional Afrobeats music you’re more like an outsider.

Random question, how long did it take you to write “Dutty Luv”?

Samzy– Tbh that song wasn’t the easiest to write because I have like two other versions of it 🤦🏻‍♂️ but long story short this version took me about a month or two. And then it got produced twice 😅

Solid production! Solid mix! 🚀 
Samzy– Yea my boi went crazy on it. The video is even better. It really matched the whole message and story of the song. It was shot by Patrick Ellis

What did you aim to achieve with your recently released EP— Trendsetter? 

Samzy– The Trendsetter EP is largely introductory of my brand, my sound and my personality. So far things look good! The attention is coming and I am grateful to all the people working behind the scenes. Secondly, the idea is to show everyone, especially upcoming gens that they shouldn’t limit their potential to one aspect or one musical genre. Music is universal.

What was the most important part of your process in creating your EP— writing the songs or getting comfortable with a beat?

Samzy– I’ll say writing the songs. Especially Turning those crazy vibes into words!! 

I don’t really stress about beat type haha I can eat a beat up in no time 😈🥱 

What’s the best music advice you’ve gotten this year?

Samzy– Good things take time to build. From ‪Osagie ❤️‬

That’s a gem! What can we expect from you in the next few months, especially with Detty December in full view?

Samzy- I hope to be in Nigeria December or early January to promote the EP more and then see what’s good over there! I’d like to also link up with the music community and immerse myself in the conversations over there. Will also be creating  new music Fasho 💯 

That’s something we’d loveeee to see. Keep us posted 🚀 

Samzy– Fasho 👌🏻

It was so much fun chatting with you. It’s always amazing to see young Nigerian creatives breaking barriers. We certainly look forward to seeing more of your work!

That concludes this session of #TXTConvo. Samzy gives us some insight into the litty personality behind his litty music. It’s all been fun and we have something to look forward to; Samzy coming to mingle with fans back home. We hope you enjoyed this. Bye for now, until next time. Join the conversation on Twitter with #TXTConvo

Alexx the Curator

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