Fave Raises The Roof With New Single; “Scatta Scatta”

Alexx the Curator
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Nigerian pop-star, Fave has announced the release of her first solo single this year tagged “Scatta Scatta”.

The record was produced by frequent collaborator Damie—who also produced the award-winning “Baby Riddim” just 12 months ago. Scatta Scatta is classified dance at 113 BPM.

The 22-year-old artist’s latest single also pays homage to her dream city, Montego Bay. She sings “My dream is My dream is, shopping with you in Montego”. “It’s only coincidental that Montego Bay happens to be in a country that l’ll come from in my next life. Lord knows that if montego wasn’t an actual place, we woulda created it ourselves.” Fave explains via her personal notes.

Fave has had a scintillating run since going viral during the first ever covid lockdown, from debuting at #1 in 8+ countries in November 2021 to bagging the rookie of the year award at the prestigious Headies award show in Atlanta last month. Listen here.

Alexx the Curator

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