Royals Is Afrosoul Singer, Yotan’s Latest Hypnotic Offering

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The return of Yotan after his last single “Oyin” in mud-2020 occurred as many of his listeners would probably expect from the talented singer-songwriter; vivid and poised. 

On his new single ‘ROYALS’, Yotan comes for our inner hedonist in a gripping afro-fusion of RnB and pop. His laidback yet tuneful baritone voice expresses his self-indulgent resolve to the constant throes of life as he takes on a new rhythm with a captivating yet mellow vocal range. 

You can’t help but get swept up in his musical wave as he eases you into his easy-going world of tranquility. On this toe-tapping track, Yotan shares a piece of himself that a lot of us can relate with, that part of us that wants to throw caution to the wind and be more lighthearted. 

Royals is now available on all DSPs. Listen now.


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