Nú Baby Returns with a Statement on OnlyFan

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Nu Baby

After the successful release of the “Two for you” EP, and keeping with his goal of being the artiste to watch in 2021, Nú Baby has released his 2nd official single in the year 2021 as he continues to break into the mainstream space. It’s titled “OnlyFan”.

Nú Baby’s OnlyFan is a classic afro-soul love song. His nectar-like voice appeals to his love interest, serenading her with harmonies and clever word-play in English and Yoruba alike. The background track is filled with saxophone, piano, and percussion beats reminiscent of traditional Yoruba romance melodies, accompanying the singer’s voice perfectly and allowing pure talent to shine through.

On this tune, Nú Baby sets out to make a statement to his lover, that although he is one among many seeking her company, his desire is to be her one and only true fan. You will find desire laced with impressive production, each listen will convince you to yearn for more. You can listen here:


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