Sofie Returns With Debut 2022 Single; “Blur”.

Alexx the Curator
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Sofie, the multinational singer-songwriter of Ghanaian, German, and American descent explores the experience of a budding romance in a new song titled “Blur”.

Recently graduating from the Berklee College of Music, Sofie is not just a musician, but an advocate who uses her voice to create awareness about pertinent societal issues and injustices, and to inspire positive change.

On this record, however, Sofie gets all sentimental zooming in on the electrifying feeling of new love. “Blur is a smooth and happy R&B number with a dash of Afro-pop sensibilities. Sofie blesses our ears with her warm, silky vocals layered over the bouncy but chill dynamics of the Carter Pankow-calibrated production.

Listen to “Blur” here.

Alexx the Curator

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