Ayra Starr Releases AfroFuturist Visuals For Sare

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Ayra Starr’s video for Sare is a fantastical peek into the singer’s legacy. Set some 80 years into the future, an admirer of Ayra Starr’s work takes an excursion in her mansion, turned museum, and gets drawn into her world. 

Directed by Lekan, the video encapsulates the singer’s introspective tastes for fashion, art and dance into one wholesome visual narrative. Once again, we see the range and artistic flexibility of Ayra the artiste and are reminded of her sonic savvy. The video further serves as an aesthetic exploration of the themes of legacy, love, and tradition.

The video was premiered during her debut showcase where her fans were treated to its first viewing. Still off the back of meeting her ‘Starrs’ for the first time, the artistes serves a gift just in time for those of us who want more of Ayra Starr.

Watch now:


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