Art Tuesday with Pengrapher

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Personally, abstract art has always been a compelling idea. More than the brush strokes, it pierces and cajoles in a way that seems to beg the question “what does this work mean?”. It’s like the silent theatre. The Pengrapher’s abstracts do more than beg questions, it answers them. Or tries to.

On his series “The Blueprint”, Pengrapher who describes himself as a surrealist exploring real life theory with the use of acrylic, forceful lines, texture, colors and symbolism explores a subject as simple as a plan. The incredibly fascinating bit about it is how he connects the subject with destiny, choice and mistakes. It’s really one to see.

On “Unscrupulous”, he explores the necessity of secrecy. Having them, keeping them and indoctrinating new guardians. It’s a beautifully executed abstract on the back of his signature acrylic on canvas.

Unscrupulous by Pengrapher

If you’d like to reach out to the artiste, click ME for Twitter. Click ME for his website


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