#EndSARS Daily— Of Thugs and Prisons

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Monday 19th October 2020 will be mostly remembered for the role thugs played in the government’s attempt to discredit the nationwide protests. From CBN’s backyard to Sapele Road, Benin— they attempted, but we prevailed.

Earlier today, Abuja protesters were attacked by thugs behind one of the most well guarded buildings in the country— the Central Bank of Nigeria. The irony.

Barely hours afterwards, “thugs” broke prisoners out of a secure detention facility in Benin. The least weird thing they did was make a video of it. One actually carried luggage. Another had headphones on. We can’t make this shit up!

Oh, the Police expressed their regret and commitment to finding the perpetuators. More irony.

For tomorrow’s protests, Abuja protesters, please be advised—

If you need motivation to keep up the good work, here’s something for you!

Lets keep doing the work that counts. Every post, retweet, donation, protest or seemingly insignificant push brings us closer to a Nigeria we can all be proud of.

Cover image @theflagboii culled from @yagazieemezi on IG


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