Art Review: Toni Adeoye

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This month has drawn us closer to illustrations and motion design. Today we’re pushing traffic to Toni Adeoye’s work.

He explores the complicated with deftness and a touch of simplicity. His Behance profile, especially his work with AIESEC shows that the simple things have a certain allure. When he’s not freelancing, he’s doing work on mental awareness, health and probably volunteering.

Toni Adeoye
Toni Adeoye’s work for AISEC

As the month of May is for mental awareness, Toni’s art helps us reach for our inner child and the clarity that comes with the innocence. Having a lot on your mind can be difficult but Toni’s art tells us – you can let your hair down, it’ll not make it magically go away but it’ll sure reduce the weight.

Image for post

Oh! We stan Toni Adeoye, he’s doing the Lord’s work and we’re here for it!


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