Art Review: Toni Adeoye

This month has drawn us closer to illustrations and motion design. Today we’re pushing traffic to Toni Adeoye’s work. He explores the complicated with deftness and a touch of simplicity. His Behance profile, especially his work with AIESEC shows that the simple things have a certain allure. When he’s not freelancing, he’s doing work on mental […]

10 Classic Movies We All Watched

If you recognise those things in the picture up there – kindly invite me to your next naming ceremony. Before there was Netflix and HBO and Disney+ and Hulu etc., movies came in CDs and DVDs and even VHS tapes. You watched a movie and gave a neighbor, who passed it to another neighbor and […]

“Vivid Emotions” with Naya Akanji

Naya Akanji

Naya Akanji’s Vivid Emotions follows the beginning and decline of a relationship. From Eyes on You, a song about instant attraction and lust, to Company, which is about wanting to be with someone so very much and wanting to be their everything.

Difference Dey: Sampling and Interpolation

A lot of music listeners who fancy themselves as music critics often make the mistake of shooting down an artiste for frequently sampling songs of other artistes on their own songs. They say this like it’s a bad, criminal thing – the truth is that, it’s not. The “criminalisation” of sampling and interpolation is rampant […]