Getting Back in Touch with Your Art

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Lemme guess you are reading this because –

  1. a tweet/IG post directed you to here or
  2. You used to draw or paint when you were little and you want to start doing that again or
  3. You want to see if this is clickbait or
  4. Wait, wait hear me out you are an artist and you’re finding it a tiny bit hard to find your niche or style or whatever huhn? Or
  5. Maybe you’re just bored and you don’t have anything better to do and you have data (most likely not Glo) but

Either way just stick around and hear me out… Yes this is my attempt at guilt tripping you into staying. lol.I promise I’m not going to give you a sermon.

So here are the things I did to get back in touch with my art;

Know Your Medium.

First you have to figure out what medium you prefer (what kind of paint to use, would you like to paint on paper or canvas or wood etc). There are quite a number of mediums you could choose from. Find a medium that suits you. Ah ah ah don’t rush, slow touch…lol chill there’s more.

You Gotta Find Your Style.

You don’t just jump into making art oh Da Vinci of our time, you need to find your style. By style I mean “a particular manner of creating…” and yes I literally lifted that from the dictionary. Don’t judge me plix. As an artist you will already know what style you are more drawn to and if you don’t, look for it. Did you just ask how? Well you have social media right? and the internet too? so use it!

Use Your Social Media.

Now speaking of social media, get on your Instagram, look for different artists and look through their work. Study the ones that appeal to you the most. When you do that for a while, you’ll start to get the hang of it.

You Can Now Start My Little Picasso.

After studying for a while, try recreating some of those works you liked. Now you should know that your first piece may not come out the way you imagined it would but that’s fine, just keep practicing. A wise woman once said

“we are not made of magic, we are made of practice”


so you get the gist… the more you practice, the better you get.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. See? I told you I won’t take your time.


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