Top 10 Binge-worthy Comics: So Good!, You want more

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For the uninitiated, it might come as a surprise that Africa, and indeed Nigeria has a thriving comics’ industry. Yes! we have the likes of Thor, Superman, and other mask wearing cape crusaders, albeit saving Nigerian lives, and in darker shades. Interestingly, while there are a few who still produce paperback comics in Nigeria, the majority has adapted to technological changes that seem inevitable in the industry. From, Tag comics, to Comic Republic, these names have mainly adopted offering their works digitally. Sincerely, I think it’s for the best, how else would our readers binge read exciting stories, rendered comic style by indigenous artists.

10. Supa Strikas

Supa Strikas Img
Supa Strikas

This title is probably, the oldest among the many listed here, and for many comic lovers in Nigeria this was most likely their first love. The comic mainly revolves around our inhumanly skilled Shegs Okoro (at least that’s what they called him in the first issue), and his equally likable but skilled teammates in their journey to dominate football (in their universe I might add). Supa Strikas initially started as a paperback comic, it has since evolved into an animated series available on Cartoon Network. For those interested in rekindling childhood memories, or just purely looking for a fun read binge Supa Strikas.

9. Aje


Yes, you’ve not made a mistake, the title is pronounced A-JEH (and its Yoruba for Witch). Relax, clear your mind, it’s not about a wicked old woman bringing misery and pain to all the members in her family. Rather its about, a fairly young lady who seem to possess powers. Specifically, the magical powers of the queen of witches, and quite possibly are consciousness. It explores her travails, and her journey in modern Lagos. I assure you it’s a must read.

8. God Killer

God Killer

I placed this here for many reasons. One it’s a quick read, second just like Aje, it has a strong female protagonist, so far, the work has centered mainly on the Yoruba mythos with gods like Sango. The story is truly fascinating, and would probably make you cry, but I digress. Get your phone and read this comic!!!

7. ERU


For those familiar with Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’ with characters like Death, dream, and even lucifer. Eru offers something similar, and more. I truly applaud Comic Republic for this one. Our Hero, or rather anti-hero is Fear (Eru in Yoruba), literally and figuratively. From his daily commute using is human alter ego, and the existential question he keeps asking while acting as a cape crusader Eru has truly carved a niche in the industry.

6. Vanguards Rising

Vanguard Rising

It’s hard to deny the commercial and critical acclaim marvel’s avenger brought to the fore. It’s equally hard to overlook how its counterpart DC’s Justice League bombed, and crushed the dreams of many fans. Nevertheless, the joy of seeing our heroes unite to destroy and obliterate evil is weirdly satisfying. Vanguards Rising does just that, it unites many of the characters offered by comic republic in Guardian Prime, Aje, Eru, and more. If you want to read the Naija equivalent of Avengers assemble, Vanguards Rising is most likely your best option.

5. Generation Rapture

Generation Rature Front Cover
Generation Rapture

Imagine, a typical Nigerian Pastor (when I say typical), I mean the bad kind, who probably houses the 7 deadly sins. But the plot thickens, imagine rapture (the day of reckoning for you sinners. lol), and a zombie apocalypse (the walking dead kind). Add that to a very interesting story you get Generation Rapture. For the sake of your redemption go check it out.

4. Anarchy

Anarchy Front cover

Unlike the name suggests, or what you might expect with the title, this comic is about an unlikely utopia, and that is Nigeria without crime, corruption, and underdevelopment. You know where this is going right (lol) there is most definitely a big but. Amidst this staggering utopia is also a steam punk (altered carbon kind) district where drugs, trafficking, prostitution thrives. Our hero wakes up in this district, and if you read this comic, you’ll find out what he does next.

3. Danfo


When I started reading danfo what I expected wasn’t what I found. This is probably the epitome of the proverb ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ and name. Danfo is an ingeniously crafted story cum work of art. From its relatable character Emeka, and his gradual metamorphosis into a contractor and custodian of planetary supernaturals. Danfo shines brightly as our number 3.

2. Amadioha


When I first saw the cover, my first impression was that this guy looks like Idris Elba (the guy acting as the Asgardian gatekeeper in Thor). I should tell you that, if not for the relatively slow output of the comic on Comic republic, it would most likely be my number one on this list. Amadioha basically focuses on an Eastern Nigerian Thunder God living is almost relatively boring mortal life with his daughter and talkative familiar. But then, you went online and found out what he did next.

1. Godfall


 I don’t know how the artist and story teller were able to fuse Yoruba myths, legends, and extremely relatable characters into this comic book but they succeeded. Godfall offers an interesting Japanese shonen styled protagonist, who is fairly young but reeks with Goku’s determination, and absurd courage, combined with an experienced, powerful teacher who’s a Yoruba styled chief that has mastered the power of Ashe (Yoruba for authority).


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