Zammora Brewed The Perfect “Storms & Rainbows” With Debut EP.

Alexx the Curator
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Zamorra’s debut project Storms and Rainbows has finally been released.

The EP collects his life experiences in eight spectacular songs, charting the evolution of hisjourney so far and the in-betweens that shape the best of any such journey: family, love, pain and eventual triumph.

A 26 minute long EP that ends with songs executing a flawless narrative arc. Zamorra’s strength as a storyteller is brought into light, as he fashions a genuinely personal record from what’s usually an ubiquitous subject. “No taboo If I change my papa life/ No be taboo if I buy my Benz for mama/ No be taboo if I live a better life…” he sings.

Backing these culture-centric themes are eccentric beats which straddle the line between experimental and mainstream, by genius producer Dunnie.

Catch up with his socials here while you enjoy a listen.

Alexx the Curator

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