GR8NES Releases “Siren”

Adanna O
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There’s a reason why “Siren” by GR8NES is the only thing I’ve listened to since it came up on a New Music update I subscribe to. To put simply, it’s catchy and it’s doubly difficult to refuse a second listen. 

As soon as you play this track, you’ll think about both the artiste and the production. The interesting thing about GR8NES is that the artiste stay true to the name. GR8NES proves to be, before anything else, a semblance of greatness. The impressive thing about the music is the intricate production. From the first kick till the last beat, it progressively earns a second listen.


As Afrobeats morphs into the global phenomenon that Latin-Pop is at the moment, artistes like GR8NES and songs like this amplify Afrobeats’s differential. The differential is the ability to create both high tempo hits and mid-low tempo bops. It’s the intelligence and awareness of the GR8NES in creating this song that further adds to the artiste’s status as one of the up and comers to look out for in 2021.

The subject matter of the song is love. However, for personal reasons, as we round off Q1 of 2021, there’s a reason why “Siren” by GR8NES is the only thing I’ve been listening too. From the hook to the sly siren reference, everything comes together to make you feel a little more deeply when you hear the melody. 

Enjoy the first of many here.

Adanna O

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I will stan Waje, Omawunmi and Tiwa till my legs can’t take it anymore.

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