[Review] On “From Blu To You”, Jayblu Ovie is Something of a New Age Kizz Daniel: There Are No Bad Songs

Adanna O
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For context, an EP is a teaser. Quite like an elevator pitch, the artiste is expected to present their sound, ideas and artistry as a whole, in no more than 6 songs. Contrary to popular opinion, this is not as easy as it may seem. With an EP, efficiency is usually key. The artiste must straddle the line between commercial appeal and artistic integrity.

From Blu To You starts with love pledge, “Odo”, a slow groove with alluring horns to boot. Here, JayBlu pledges his undying fealty to his love interest. The lyrics are far from novel, but the Ghanaian delivery and chorus give it the needed boost. It’s an interesting show of versatility in Jayblu’s discography and an efficient opener.

Jayblu Ovie

“Pull Up” continues the love train on this record. It is a smooth, slow jam of impressive beauty. Along with another song on this record, “Tell Me”, “Pull Up” boasts some of JayBlu’s best vocal moments on this EP. He belts, harmonizes and falsetts to make his love known and true. Again, the Jamaican Patois delivery on the second verse gives it the versatility it needs.

“Consider”, regarded Jayblu Ovie’s favorite is a good song to help move the theme along. The chorus is particularly something and it’s overall a catchy tune.

“Tell Me” provides some needed perspective on the record. Continuing the love theme highlighted on the first three songs, Jayblu Ovie pleads for love and acceptance despite his flaws. Tariere’s guest appearance is worth every second though. Her voice is one of the huskiest this writer has heard this year, and the line, “These girls a dime a dozen, tell me who’s the dime?” is the best on the EP. An effective collaboration through and through.

“Dey For You” is a requisite upbeat tune that ends the EP on a happy note. It sounds like the soundtrack to a wedding reception scene in a Nigerian movie— It’s very serviceable.

In all, Jayblu Ovie achieves his intent here — a lovers soundtrack, mass commercial appeal and no bad songs. However, for a debut EP, it gives us very little insight into who Jayblu Ovie is, and what his artistry is about.

There is a lot of loving and pleading on this record, but that begs the question, “Is that the entire focus of his artistry: love?”

Thus, Jayblu Ovie’s From Blu To You is commercial and marketable and A&R’d to mainstream perfection, but fails to answer the one question this EP should have hinted at… 

“Who is JayBlu?”

Listen to From Blu To You on all platforms here.

Connect with Jayblu Ovie on Instagram and Twitter.

Adanna O

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