Big Drip Speaks on Afrobeats and His New Release “Monalisa”

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“Afrobeats is the most dynamic genre in the world”

Big Drip

In the past year, Afrobeats seems to have unlocked a whole new level as the international scene now converges to pay attention to the sound. Even from the recent success Burna Boy recorded in the Grammy, one would agree that the world is now much more invested in knowing all about and engaging with the sound than ever before. There are more features with Afrobeats artists on the international levels and more artists coming up with new inflections of the sound.

Big Drip, born as Ademola Taoreed Ojugbele, a fast-rising versatile Afrobeats artist opined that Afrobeats is the most dynamic genre in the world. In his words:

“we have moved from copying foreign sounds and lyrics so that we can satisfy the international scene. Now, our music has evolved. We have capitalized on our sound and created the most dynamic sound in the world. The whole world now relates with our sound and our artists are steadily representing. You can even see international artists sampling our traditional songs”

Big Drip

Furthermore, he argued that the success of Afrobeats is not a surprise as the industry is a huge one. New artists emerge every other day with the hope of leaving a mark and outdo the legends so the newbies even bless our ears with refreshing and even more dynamic sounds.

When asked about the inflection of Afrobeats he loves best, the Afro-trap artist gives an unsurprising answer; “I cherish all types of Afrobeats, but I love Afro-trap best although it’s still unappreciated and underrated than other afro sounds.”

Big Drip is also hopeful that his stay in the music industry will create new-school rappers who push the Afro-trap sound and make it more popular and accepted. Big Drip added the following:

“Maybe because rap generally struggles, that’s why we haven’t recorded emphatic followership like other genres of Afrobeats but, Afro-trap is attention-catching and unique so it should face less struggles”.

Big Drip

Obviously, from the way he speaks, the artist is passionate about afro music and is on course to achieve big things. Big Drip revealed that he currently has his hands on a lot of projects and he’s here for world takeover— to solidify the ever changing sonics of Afrobeats.

His most recent single Monalisa comes after enjoying airplay and topping charts in the previous years with tracks like Omalicha, London Girl and collaborating with big acts such as Terri, Wes7er 22, Lojay, the Big Drip Nation fast-rising Afro-trap exponent has dropped crisp visuals for his new track, Monalisa.

The track’s name is a direct allusion to the popular Leonardo Da Vinci portrait. And the visuals are as intriguing as they are simple. Both the song and the visuals tell the story of a sophisticated lady who won’t settle for less.

You can listen to Monalisa HERE.


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