Nigerian-American Rapper Orchestrate96 Features OMB Bloodbath and Space KID on “Pop Out”

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Following the relative success of his earlier released 7-track EP “Young & Naïve”, rapper Orchestrate96 makes a return with “Pop Out“, a precursor to “Money Baby” his impending debut full-length album.

With “Young & Naive” being more of a personal project filled with lyrics and messaging that speaks on being goal-oriented, Orchestrate96’s latest release reveals a side of the rapper we have not heard yet.

Spring is rounding up. I was looking to create a summer anthem for my fans and listeners. A song that gets listeners hooked immediately. A track that stands the test of time.

Aptly titled “Pop Out”, the album’s lead single is a pop-influenced rap joint that features contemporaries OMB Bloodbath and Space KID, with production credits going to Kevin Hues.

Known for his cadence and melodic flow, Space Kid made no mistake in delivering the catchiest of hooks, whereas fellow Houston-based lyricist OMB Bloodbath who recently signed with 10:22 PM and Love Renaissance (LVRN), in partnership with Interscope Records, and is renowned for her wildly candid raps and rapid-fire lyrical flow, also brought her A-Game.

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