On “234”, Minz, The One Man Army Strikes Again

Adanna O
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“234” Official Music Video

Lagos Born, Minz might have bagged a degree in an impressive “International Law and Diplomacy”, but the real stunner is his skill in the music creation process. Acclaimed as a triple threat, Minz is famous for writing, producing and performing a large number of his records.

On “234”, Minz does the same to equally impressive results. A slow groovy record, “234” details the efforts of a hurt ex and her attempts to win back the attention of a now accomplished Minz. She calls him ceaselessly begging for another chance, thus the name, “234”.


Cool, soft, yet gritty, the self-produced record plays like a sister song to Timaya and Buju’s recently released hit, “Cold Outside”.

Minz has long established himself as an artistic force and one of the leaders of the new school groovy wave, the industry is just playing catch up.

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Adanna O

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