Zubi Releases “The Love Games We Play”

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Love is seldom a one-sided story. However, this narrative is not popular in today’s music. It’s often, just the good or the bad, not the duality of love. On “The Love Games We Play”, Zubi explores both.

Fresh off his April release, “Altar” where he connects with lover through his native sound, Zubi is ready to release his debut EP. The project explores love from a personal perspective and employs the experiences of others around him. On The Love Games We Play, you’ll find the excitement, the honeymoon phase, the process, the disappointments, and the hundred other things we feel as we love.

He delves fully into this in tracks like Luv4Me, where it’s obvious that they are in the developmental stages of love, where infatuation crops up. He explores it further in Crown Hennessy, and In My Feelings, where the character finds difficulty in relaying his feelings and allaying the woman’s insecurity and fears. On Misunderstood, it all comes to a crescendo, it doesn’t end well. They have gotten to a point where all they do is “scream and shout, and don’t want to work it out.” They both have differences they are trying to work through, but either party isn’t cooperating.

In his own words, Zubi notes that:

“The Love Games We Play is about relationships, how we perceive relationships and how we go about things. They say love is a game and I just basically took my time to explain how I partake in the game and the things that have happened to me in relationships. So, I tried as best as possible to tell my story; from the chase, to getting to know somebody, to things working out or not working out, just how we play the game of love.”

The EP is a steady climb through the different stages of love. Zubi makes the effort that takes you through several realms. A throughly enjoyable project.

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Instagram: @Zubiofficialsound

Twitter: @_GiveMeOne


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