Six Releases “God & Herself”

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Six - God & Herself

“Six” celebrates independent women and advocates respect for women with New single “God & Herself” 

A survivor of a gunshot to the face, Nigerian rapper Six is a bit of an enigma and an inspiration. Known for always trying to preach positivity with his music, Six recently released a track “Flawless” dedicated to everyone with scars or have experienced pain or struggles. “Flawless” spawned the popular Tiktok challenge (#FlawlessChallenge).

Now Six is raising his voice to speak for women in his new song “God & Herself”. According to the artiste, the track “is aimed at breaking the societal belief that women cannot be independent and are often weak. His goal is to celebrate independent women and uplift the mind of the girl child while advocating respect for women.

The sound of God & Herself is  fierce, enegertic and Happy. It has the rythnmic vibe of afrobeats drums and shakers. A hard to forget tune that jives while the song itself is delivered with Afrocentric rap/Hip-hop. The lyrics soul stirring, motivational and catchy.


Speaking on his new release, Six says, “I’ve always disliked the notion that once a woman makes it to the top, people who do not know her story assume that she must have slept her way up or received handouts.” 

Listen to “God & Herself” here:


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