EndSARS Daily— Of Curfews, Bloodied Flags, Adamus and Even More Thuggery.

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Many saw today coming, however, it still managed to take everyone by surprise. Today’s EndSARS protests raised a number of important questions— do we need a backup plan? Do we need a planned sit-in? Should lawyers become essential workers? But most importantly— WHAT THE FoK?!

First it was Adamu Garba II, filing a $1 Billion lawsuit against Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for tweeting in support of the #EndSARS protests on an app Jack created. It is worthy of note that Garba, yesterday shared a few tweets about Crowwe, a social media app that is supposedly a Nigerian version of Twitter. We never knew clowns wore Agbadas.

Following an attack on a police station in Orile Iganmu, the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, announced a 24 hour statewide curfew. Swift reaction to reports of violence by “sponsored hoodlums” in the state, but how aren’t we getting this same speed on the nationwide implementation of our 5 for 5 demands?

Just to be clear, the attack on the police station and its personnel were carried out by thugs not connected to the ongoing #EndSARS movement.

Following the announcement of the curfew and quite oddly, some government officials were spotted disconnecting CCTV cameras at the Lekki-VI tollgate. This location has been a protest hotspot since the protests began almost 2 weeks ago. Everyone became deeply  suspicious of the government’s intent.

Even worse, as at 6:44 PM today, there were reports of shootings at the Lekki-VI Tollgate. We get it now— no face, no case.

Other Locations

In Oyo State, Governor Seyi Makinde (the only politician who seems to understand his job) in an address released in the afternoon promised to continue ensuring the safety of genuine protesters as they exercise their constitutional right to protest.

Shortly afterwards, a video reportedly shot in Abuja made the rounds on Twitter, showing people who are allegedly State operatives picking up thugs who had earlier attacked peaceful #EndSARS protesters. And yes! We’re wondering the same thing, how were they so sloppy.

In Jos, armed hoodlums unconnected with the #EndSARS movement attacked Terminus, vandalizing businesses and properties located around the popular business district.

Keep doing the good work. Post, like, retweet, share, donate. We need all the voices we can get to see this through. We all deserve a nation that works, and we need to work together towards it.

Cover image: @theflagboii from Twitter.


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Muyiwa Egbewale
Muyiwa Egbewale
3 years ago

Concise and well written. Thank you so much.

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