Mairé Abia-Bassey is up Next

“I want to be heard and listened to. I have so much to say and it’s going to happen” Maire tells me over a zoom call on a Saturday in June. To experience Mairé (either through her music or in-person) is to encounter a person who exudes supreme self-assurance. She has mastered the arts and […]

10 Commandments of “Netflix and Chill” (with people)

Wait. You’re probably wondering what I mean by Netflix and Chill. In this article, the definition is restricted to watching or bingeing a film or show with friends or family, and if the other meaning (IYKYK) is what you thought this article is about, then you’re on the wrong page. You can find similar content […]

Yung Willis Marks his Birthday in Style

In what turns out to be a night of creative fun, Producer Yung Willis hosts his birthday party in Lagos, graced by the industry’s crem de la crem. Renowned for his signature tagline, ‘Willis Give Dem’, the young multi-talented producer hosted music and entertainment heavy weights such as Timaya, Falz, Skales, Caramel Plugg, Asa Asika, […]

With Love, Lagos Fashion Week.

Lagos, the city of hustlers but today, Fashion is the real hustle. The just concluded Lagos Fashion Week was and is still a sight to many as social media is still abuzz with looks from various people in the fashion industry. From the fashion enthusiasts who can’t be caught looking a mess on the carpet […]

Trippy & Loud; Alte’ & Street Edition.

It’s Sunday, 17th October 2021. It’s also 5am and the Ile Ife Grand Resort is tainted. Scenes from the night before send tremors through the chill morning air while song birds snuggle another hour. Sparse groups of partygoers walk off the last pints of alcohol from their colorful bodies— headed home to crash. Something huge […]

Mavin Records Create “It’s Our World” Campaign to Commemorate Women’s Equality Day

Women rights are human rights. Gender Equality is a precondition for development. These are facts. Yet, our world is structured in a way that discriminates women socially, economically, and politically. The existing social-construct is one that embodies biases that continue to undermine women equality. The good news is, a revolution has begun. More women are […]

7 Months after the Lekki Massacre: Sounds From This Side

Lekki Massacre

Has it been seven months since #LekkiMassacre? Exhale. We remember. We are keen on preserving this memory too, the way we know how to. We stood/ stand in solidarity with the amazingly united population of young Nigerians who protested/ are still protesting. Importantly, the efforts of Nigerian musicians must not be forgotten. So, welcome. Welcome to our overdue appreciation of music and musicians that reflected Nigeria’s recent, turbulent times.

Dear Bovi, Wizkid Didn’t “(Re)Blow” Tiwa.

We’re in an industry where everybody needs everybody to thrive. Artistes need to cross-pollinate. Stan Twitter has to have arguments. We have to “like” who our faves “like”. Artistes need to be conscious about branding.

Dear Simi, I’m Restless Too

How is Simi such a deceptively versatile artiste? How does she float from core Afrobeats to Afro-Pop to R&B/Soul music effortlessly?