Inart Partners With Jane Mena For DIigiclouts Campaign

Alexx the Curator
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Fresh off the successful release of his highly anticipated project “Meraki”, Nigerian Hip Hop Artist, Inart signs a partnership deal with digital pr company Digiclouts.

Digiclouts centres on growing an engaging online presence for brands using influencer marketing strategy campaigns. With social media being a major factor in building a successful business in this new age, Digiclouts intend to utilize the influencer’s large audience and significantly distribute it to their clients to boast engagement and therefore the value of their brand.

This partnership, which also involves celebrity dance influencer Jane Mena, is Digiclouts inaugural campaign, officially showcasing Inart as the face of the pr company and exposing the Nigerian Hip Hop act to an audience base of over 500k on Instagram while giving out high end incentives that includes Mac books, Ps5, JBL Boom Box, etc.

Alexx the Curator

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