Prettyboy D-O: the Fire on Wildfire

Alexx the Curator
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Prettyboy D-O famously known for his unique Afro-vocals and style dropped his 2nd studio album “Wildfire” last week Friday, a Friday that’ll be remembered as one of 2020’s top New Music Fridays. The title, which is perfect, brings to mind visions of an unstoppable force, bright and raging- and spreading fast.

It’s safe to define D-O’s genre as afro-pop, a sapling branch off of Alté.

The album’s an eight (8) track wonder with “Same energy” and “Dey go hear wehh” previously released as singles.

Wildfire Tracklist

Prettyboy D-O is one of those artists closest to the ‘Yout’* at home and abroad as his songs come packed with bullets of truths that hype you up with enough energy to party a house down! “Bop” best describes the vibes, cuz take it from me this shit gets you going!

The “Wildfire” album seems commercial but it’s key to note that D-O give it a personal feel on several occasions. This is evident in the tracks talking about things he’s had to endure in the quest to achieve his dreams, with catchy hooks to go. D-O uses himself as a mirror, and outlines issues people will face and have to power through on the streets and in life with songs like “Waka”, “Odeshi” and “Reality”.

Prettyboy D-O didn’t leave us without a jam for the Urban scene, the smoke sessions, the clubs and outdoor events; “Wetin you smoke?” featuring Olamide is one for the people. Yout who don’t already bop his tune can plug in and get a pristine introduction to Prettyboy.

Dialling back, the versatile artist surfs on smooth R&B for the soul with “Bulala” and “Mentality”. These lovely, slow and groovy tracks, are for the playlists and to be enjoyed in the warm embrace of an aficionado after the lockdown.

The entire album is full of energy and D-O proves to us yet again that he’s an incandescent light, impossible to ignore as he glides through a number of topics. On this project, his musical genius hits different and it’s obvious he’s got no plans of slowing down.

Listen to the album:

*‘Yout’: Nigerian vernacular for youths or young adults of the times.

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