Yabasi: Basketmouth’s Brilliant Take on Peppersoup Music

Alexx the Curator
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Yabasi Album art

Friday, 20th of November started off with a number of surprises; some pleasant and others, not so. Among the most pleasant surprises was the release of “Yabasi” by Comedian, Actor, and Artiste: Basketmouth; a Jack of all the aforementioned trades with an apparent mastery of every single one. The release of the album is also significant because it is to serve as the official soundtrack for his ‘Papa Benji’ series, Lord knows I can’t wait for that to drop.

Here, I’ll be reviewing the first track, a personal favourite on the album and my opinion of the album as a whole. Yabasi’s striking album-cover grabs your attention with it’s satirical humour. It’s sliced onions! What’s more is the double- or even triple entendre embedded in the graphic; so funny it makes you cry? so true it brings tears to your eyes? Or is it just so expensive you can’t stop your eyes from watering, especially considering Nigeria’s current onion situation? Basketmouth is obviously a master of metaphors as well.

Hit play on the 10 track album and the Highlife tunes will lift your spirits to lofty highs; my neck is almost sore from all the nodding and the rest of my body is twitching at the beautiful sound. It’s a big pity that I can’t multitask dancing and typing. But will I stop? Definitely not! Pepper Soup features Ice Prince and Duncan Mighty; a novel combination but mighty nonetheless. The track is full of quips, the sort of truthful wit that makes you pause, think and howl with laughter at the realization of what is meant.

“See Goat no dey chop Dog food

  Dog like to dey chop Goat”

Full of Nigerian realities, in my opinion the lesson is simple: This life no balance, no go carry last.

“When NEPA cut biggie man light he go call  on Fashola! Fashola!

When NEPA cut that him get a boo light for night, him go fix am back! Fix am back! “

Ice Prince also pours his ice cold swagger in his verse, the flow that brought him fame in the industry is still chilled- morgue standard. 🧊

It’s hard to pick a personal favourite on a perfect album. But the 9th track, Hustle, resonates deep with me. Maybe because my aza is also crying at the price of onions or some other illness but this track is bubbly with facts every Nigerian knows;

“Hustle no be beans”

But we move. “Hustle” is a banger in nearly every space, featuring Dice Ailes and The Cavemen; thriving in their signature style – Eastern Highlife.

Yabasi Tracklist
Yabasi tracklist

Yabasi is a collection of relatable realities, soothing and invigorating, with its tracklist packed with some of the industry’s brightest stars; Phyno, BOJ, Show Dem Camp, LADIPOE, Oxlade, Zoro, Peruzzi and a plethora of others. With such a diverse array, the saying about many cooks and a bad broth comes to mind, but this if far from true in the case of Yabasi, the album is gold with insane replay value. Yabasi’s is a case of talent,  direction and a big bag to back it up.💰

Basketmouth is an entertainer through and through. If you didn’t know it before (impossible 🤨), then now you know.

So that’s it, folks. As promised, I have reviewed the first track and my personal favourite, 10/10 for both. I wouldn’t want to spoil your fun of listening to the entire thing but take it from me it’s 💯/ 💯. My neck is sore from nodding so long but like pepper soup, I just can’t stop. Enjoy.

Alexx the Curator

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Sophia Afolayan
Sophia Afolayan
3 years ago

Lmaoooo the price of onions 😭😂

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