OjahBee and Oxlade Flourish on “Dutty Love”

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One of the most heartbreaking moments of October 2020 was definitely the brutality OjahBee experienced physically and mentally at the hands of rogue SARS officials during the End SARS protests. We all watched it happen. We were on social media lending our voices to #FreeOjahBee. Errant members of the police force had harassed him and nearly framed him for murder. Like many of us, all he did was go out and lend his voice to the movement.

It’s been only a few weeks since his full recovery and OjahBee has proven yet again that tragedy doesn’t have to define you. He has since put life’s lemons in the juicer and made lemonade. Our first sip of this lemonade drink is— “Dutty Love”. The track features Oxlade, who was recently nominated for the Headies Award. From a distance, the relationship between Oxlade and OjahBee is nothing short of admirable. Upon closer examination, we find two geniuses perfectly placed in time and space. They look out for each other without all the drawbacks of society’s standards for “masculinity”. Their bond transcends the bounds of business and is more aptly described as brotherhood. 

With “Dutty Love” you’ll find a charming, yet sensual song. Oxlade’s mesmerising vocals smoothly glide through Ojahbee’s expert production. Asides delivering catchy, sexually charged lyrics and a peerless synergy on “Dutty Love”, both creatives have set the tone for their growth as an inseparable producer-artiste combo. We love to see it and we looking forward to more music from the duo.

In the meantime, you can listen to “Dutty Love” here:


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