[Review] On “Baby Boy Pack”, Mac.X’s Debut EP Lives up to its Name

Adanna O
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Typically, this writer takes debut EPs with a grain of salt.They’re typically raw and sometimes, devoid of any true artistry, and utterly lacking in mastery.

However, this has a been a weekend of pleasant surprises.  Along with another debut EP released this weekend, Mac.X’s “The Baby Boy Pack” is a surprisingly good listen.

Deeply rooted in Hip Hop/Rap, “The Baby Boy Pack” is an easy listen from start to finish.

Carefully curated across 4 songs, the EP seems to be an interesting display of love. The 2nd (Oh Baby) and 3rd (Paradise) tracks speak of love in the typical sense, while the 1st(Lord Knows) and last (No Sleep) songs address Mac’s love and determination for his hustle and craft.

This EP has only good songs and “Oh Baby” is the best of them all. It’s replay value is potent and it boasts the EP’s best features.

In all, Mac.X’s debut lives up to it’s name. Just like a baby boy, it’s soft, easy and stress free.

listen here

Adanna O

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