T’Bellz makes a toast with fresh single; “Cheers 2 Life”.

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Returning after a break of 4 long years, T’Bellz releases his first single of 2021, “Cheers 2 Life” produced by Producer Wa.

Using his deep and husky vocals to set the tone, alongside Producer Wa’s catchy instrumental T’Bellz gives us a glimpse of how hard he works, and how hard he unwinds, balancing both worlds.

He is urging us to take a pause, sit back, relax, have a toast and celebrate life. Cheers 2 Life is a timely single, after all the world has been through in the last year, it’s only right you celebrate yourself.

T’Bellz is definitely one you should be on the lookout for, he promises to put out more projects this year.

Listen here.

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