TXT Convo with Charlotte Bwana on Audiomack & The Nigerian Music Industry.

Alexx the Curator
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On Saturday, 5th February 2022, TXT will host a live conversation via Twitter Space, with Charlotte Bwana, Head of Brand and Media Partnership at Audiomack Africa.
At TXT, content is important but value is a priority.
As a media and entertainment outfit, our mission is to document all parts of African pop culture by covering the creators in the frontier as well as the individuals behind the scenes. We aim at supporting creatives in all spheres of the entertainment scene.
Thus, for our latest “TXT Convo”, we bring you one of the most valuable drivers in the entertainment space— Charlotte Bwana.
Charlotte Bwana is one of the foremost music executives in Africa and has made high-value contributions to Africa’s leading music industry.
Charlotte is especially skilled in business development, partnerships in media, as well as bridging the gap between creators and their audience.

Charlotte is also a member of the Recording Academy Class of 2021.
At the end of the webinar, participants are expected to gain a peculiar insight into industry structure, how to secure media partnerships and how creators can connect with their audience using Audiomack particularly.

Alexx the Curator

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