#TXTConvo with Ojayy Wright

Alexx the Curator
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Ojayy Wright - TXT

Our guest last week on #TXTConvo was music sensation, Ojayy Wright! He’s put out an impressive list of bangers. With his debut album “37 degrees in Lagos” receiving acclaim at home and abroad, naturally his next project, “Fuji POP“, also bangs.

Come with us, as we hear his journey, plans and a message for his fans. This’ll definitely be fun.

Photo of Ojayy Wright
Ojayy Wright

Hello‪ Ojayywright‬. Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us today. How has your day been?

OJ– Pretty Good. Just keeping up with the New single release 

Could you give us some insight into your journey so far as an Artist?

OJ– I started making music in ‘09. First mixtape was released in 2010. I initially started as a rapper but as time and the industry would have it, I began to sing. Worked with various artistes in the game starting from way back and now here I am serving y’all sweet music 

In your opinion, what’s the hardest thing about being a creative in Nigeria?

OJ– The hardest thing I believe would be getting people to actually pay attention to you as an artiste.

Random question, how long did it take to write and produce your single “Erica”?

OJ– It took a couple hours, about 5/6 hours to make

What’s the most important part of your process, writing lyrics yourself or getting comfortable with a beat? 

OJ– I would say both. I’m the type of person that won’t even move on to writing the lyrics when I’m not comfortable with the beat. Gone are the days when you just freestyle for freestyle sake. Every Bar, every verse, every song right now is for a purpose.

What’s the message behind Fuji Pop? & What inspired the Teni Collab?

OJ– Basically, it’s been a tough year for everyone and I wanted to make something that would uplift our mood as Nigerians. We are known for partying and everyone knows that when Gbedu drop’s and party starts, ain’t nobody going down like my Fuji people. I wanted to create something that would appeal to both the old and younger generation. Which is why I put a Pop spin on it and thankfully,‪ TeniEntertainer‬ came through with her flavor on the record

What’s the best music advice you’ve gotten?

OJ– “If it is music that you love, keep making music till you make it! “ – 2012 . .  And I never looked back 

What can we expect from you in the next few months, especially as Detty December is in view?

OJ– Ohh I want you guys to enjoy ‪#FujiPop‬ and ‪#Erika‬ for now! Keep streaming and downloading. Video for Fuji POP would be out any moment so I want you all to enjoy that as well. It was directed  by ‪ClarenceShotIt‬

 Also, I have Another E.P on the way. Details would be revealed soon

We certainly look forward to seeing more of your work! Thanks for sharing your time with us

OJ– Thanks for having me. 

Ojayy Wright and Teni - Fuji Pop
Ojayy Wright and Teni – Fuji Pop

There you have it, Ojayy leaves us wanting more with his promise of the Fuji Pop video release soon. Owambe’s in December will definitely be bopping to Fuji Pop, join us on Twitter for our next episode of  #TXTConvo.

Alexx the Curator

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